The 1st Global Green Island Summit Forum

Sustainable Islands and Future

August 27-28, 2018 / Jeju, Korea

What is GGIS


Nature is often the very foundation of an island economy. This is particularly true in the tourism industry. Nature related services, therefore, must be managed prudently so that they do not harm the overall health of the island.

Climate change and other global environmental issues have aggravated the trash and underground water situations. Strengthening resilience and conserving nature have become important tasks to resolve such problems. Reducing CO2 emissions and building fresh water reserves are among the best practices that need to be shared to resolve the problems at hand. Presenting future policy directions through joint efforts are also needed as part of an effort to develop a sustainable model for islands.

The best way to bring about cooperation and collaboration is for the island leaders to come together and discuss ways to promote mutual relationship and joint interest. The Global Green Island Summit will serve as the very platform to enable such gathering of leaders and push for government-level cooperation on environmental conservation policies.

GGIS fully recognizes the environmental vulnerability the islands face and seeks ways to resolve the challenges for the islands as well as for other regions around the world. The island leaders will share lessons learned from their activities, build on sustainable models and take practical actions to conserve the island environment.

The governors of island governments will pledge to share sustainable visions, discuss future environment policy directions and implement all the agenda on the table, thus promoting the creation of a sustainable development model for the islands. Gathering of the leaders at the regional level will further facilitate fine-tuning of sustainable models to meet the needs of the region and assist actions for achieving the 2030 SDGs.

Our Vision

Bring together leaders
and residents of global
islands to cooperate
in achieving a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Set up a cooperation network for all global islands

Share sustainable models and best practices to enhance resilience against global environmental issues

Promote leadership of global island governments

Strengthen mutual cooperation that prioritizes clean energy, sustainable development and recovery